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My Main Dental Services

I was 14 years old when I had my teeth straightened – and it was the best thing I ever did.

It literally transformed me from a shy and embarrassed boy, to a confident and smiling persona.

This was my transformation:

That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a Dentist. I wanted to change how people felt about themselves by giving them fantastic smiles.

I went on after Dental School to study a further Diploma in Orthodontics (Eduqual) in Manchester so that I could treat more comprehensive cases.

I am an Invisalign Full provider (this is the highest category of Invisalign a Dentist or Orthodontist can prescribe).

When I straighten teeth, I look beyond the actual teeth themselves, I look at faces. I look at the lips and how they frame a smile, as well as the proportions of the gums and teeth which, if planned correctly, is the difference between a good smile and a great smile.

I offer Teeth straightening with Invisalign and Fixed Appliances (Braces) at The Richmond Dentist and Triangle Dental (Reading).

Please do check out my smile gallery for the smiles I have had the privilege of sculpting.

Most of my patients are aware of the risks of a sugary diet and how it can lead to tooth decay, or the fact that bleeding gums are a sign of Gum disease.

However, one of the biggest and most common problem I diagnose now is tooth damage due to teeth grinding (or Bruxism) and acid erosion. Usually, the damage comes from a combination of both.

I enjoy rebuilding nature and restoring bites to their natural state. Importantly, I help to prevent the same issues that damaged the teeth from happening again.

It all starts with a diagnosis.

I offer comprehensive care to rebuild the worn and damaged smile using contemporary techniques, in a pain free manner, at both Triangle Dental in Reading and The Richmond Dentist in Richmond.

Smile enhancement treatments, or Smile Makeovers, do not have to be invasive, do not have to be painful, and certainly do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Simple treatment like Teeth Whitening, which is 100% safe for the enamel (it’s the most common question patients ask me about whitening) can do wonders for a smile.

Cosmetic composite bonding can alter the shapes of teeth – most commonly making teeth appear longer or bigger.

The lustre of ceramic made by a good dental ceramist can transform a smile.

Many of the techniques I use are minimal – that means less drilling, less injections and the preserved strength of your own teeth.

Next time you come to see me, ask me about what can be done to lift your smile.

I have plenty of examples in the Smile Gallery and on my Testimonials page.

I have saved so, so many people from having Veneers. There is nothing wrong with Veneers when done correctly, but when people come to me with beautiful teeth that are just discoloured due to white or brown marks, I want people to understand that we do have contemporary ways to manage discoloured teeth that does not involve anything being stuck on to your teeth.

Take a look at the two cases above. The brown patches were treated using just Teeth whitening and something called Microabrasion – a massive transformation for someone who was being bullied!

The lovely lady who was unhappy with the chalky white patches on her teeth went to two other Dentists who suggested Veneers – instead, I insisted that this was treated by something called ICON resin infiltration. The results speaks for itself!

It is imperative that children have a fantastic experience at the Dentist early on. What do I think is the most important part of good care for children? I think it’s the enthusiasm of the Dentist.

I try and make Dentistry fun for kids!