Recommended Blogs and Podcasts

Here are some of my favourite dental blogs and podcasts:

Dental Blogs and Vlogs:

  • Sydney 2017 – Lincoln Harris giving me an ‘Indian blessing’. This photo always cracks me up. I have learnt so much from Lincoln Harris at his courses and his Facebook group (RIPE).

    • Lee Ann Brady – a globally known US-based dental educator with immense knowledge and passion she shares on her blog
    • The Restorative Dentist Blog – Restorative Consultant Aws Alani posts up-to-date restorative techniques with reference to the literature, as well as brilliant infographics and videos
    • Hodsoll House – Peter Briggs is a well-known London-based Restorative specialist and educator. He shares his presentations on his blogs, but also check out his essential reading page, where he shares seminal papers in Restorative Dentistry.
    • The Campbell Academy – Colin Campbell is a forward thinking Dentist and leader in the UK – I enjoy his opinion pieces and reflections
    • Phelan Dental – Canadian based super Dentist Stephen Phelan posts video blogs of amazing smile makeovers, complex full mouth rehabilitations, and all things Restorative. I did his Occlusion Design course and found it very useful.
    • Gurs Blog – One of the nicest guys in Dentistry, Gurs Sehmi shares his helpful clinical vlogs and walks through common clinical challenges, with an emphasis on Orthodontic-Restorative cases
    • Specialist Endo Crows Nest – Australia based Endodontist Omar Ikram regularly posts Endodontic tips, blog posts and videos to improve your Endodontic outcomes. He always answers questions so helpfully
    • The Dental Minute – Dr Steven Cutbirth’s Facebook page is full of his videos giving practical advice and tips for common Dental challenges.  The videos are short, sweet and very informative.
    • Stephen Hudson – UK based Dentist, and friend, Stephen Hudson posts on dento-legal issues, practice management and hard-hitting opinion pieces.


Dental Podcasts

    • Dental Hacks – I pick up a few tips every time I listen to these guys on my long drives. I like their real world topics that affect us every day in practice
    • There are many more, but I have yet to give them a go so cannot yet endorse them