EXACT SOE Examination Custom Screen

Feb 1st 2020 EDIT: Dr Richard McIndoe has kindly added the GOALS part to enhance this Custom Screen. This can be downloaded from the Protrusive Dental Community Facebook Group (or click here)

In Episode 18 – Don’t Get Sued, with Stephen Hudson, my gift to my listeners was my comprehensive examination custom screen.

As I mentioned in the episode, I know I can improve it by adding a few more tabs (such as ‘Patient Goals’, which I believe is so, so important to record) and changing the dimensions of any tabs.

If anyone downloads this custom screen and enhances it, please do send it back to me so I can share it with the Protrusive community.

Below is a video of what my custom screen looks like.

Download my EXACT Exam Custom Screen here (free!)

Updated version with GOALS

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