If You’re Not In CR, You Will Die – PDP20

In this episode I am joined by Restorative Specialist, Dr Kushal Gadhia who is one of the educators for ACE Courses. He is one of the most passionate people about Occlusion I have met, so it was great to geek out with him.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Have you located your local physiotherapist who has an interest in treating Temporomandibular Disorders? You can find them on the following website: ACPTMD

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What we discuss in this episode:

  • We discuss our reason and love for continual study in the field of occlusion
  • Definition of Centric Relation (CR) (applicable one!) and why we have to rely on teeth as references
  • Why is the ‘reproducibility’ of CR useful?
  • When should you NOT use CR as the position to rehabilitate? 2 Good examples given (a 3rd one I suggest at the end)
  • In those situations you use an arbritary treatment position, how can you ensure success?
  • We briefly discuss about Orthdodontics and the controversy of whether Orthodontists should be planning from CR
  • What happens to patients rehabilitated in CR position over time
  • If you restore someone in CR – can you stop their Bruxism?
  • There may also be an anatomical reason not to use CR which we discuss at the end
  • Remember – most of our Dentistry is Conformative and in ICP/MIP – Become a GOOD conformer first!
  • Handouts:
    Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms 9th Edition

Loads more episodes to come out this month to make up for February – we had the first successful ‘THE Dental Splint Course’ hosted at Precision Dental Studio in Reading.