About Dr. Jaz Gulati

BDS (Hons.) MFDS RCPS (Glas) PgCert (DentEd) PgDip (Orthodontics)

Hi, my name is Jaz, and I will not bore you with a long list of credentials, postgraduate degrees, awards and where I have worked. If you did want to see all that, then that’s hidden away on this page.

On this page, I just want to tell you a few things about me:

  • I love what I do (improving people’s health and smile)
  • I am a Dental Geek – both academically and clinically speaking
  • If I was stuck on a desert island and could only take two things with me, they would be coffee and peanut butter

As you can see, I value the human, emotional side of Dentistry just as much as clinical excellence.

If I can help you or your family member with your oral health and your smile, I currently work at:

Triangle Dental (Tilehurst, Reading)